Welcome to Greenville Chamber Singers

Welcome to Greenville Chamber SingersWelcome to Greenville Chamber Singers

Audition Information

Time & Place

Auditions for Greenville Chamber Singers spring season are closed.  Check back in July for fall season auditions. Auditions are held at John Knox Presbyterian Church, 35 Shannon Dr. Greenville.  

Audition Process

Audition Process:

1. Complete and submit audition form to receive an audition time.

2. Vocalize.

3. Prepare and perform an art song or hymn, a cappella.

4. You may be asked to sight read a brief phrase or song.

A prepared art song or hymn is required for each audition. 

Further Information

Greenville Chamber Singers is an all-women’s choral ensemble. The Singers perform diversified repertoire under the direction of Angela Lemere.  As a non-profit organization, tickets are not sold for performances (other than at Biltmore) and therefore members are not required to sell tickets. There is a music fee of $80 per year or $40 per season - fall/winter season and spring season. For additional information contact Pat Fuller at 244-3340 or Sara Kellar at 351-8010.